PLEASE TURN OFF YOUR CAPS LOCK. Brake Dust on On Cars and trucks. Stone chips can cause lasting damage to your car — particularly on its bonnet and bumper. Here are some of the ways you may be ruining your car’s paint — and tips from Richard Burt on how to avoid them: #1 Splattered bugs. Answer Save. // -->. This could increase the potency of the rail dust cleaner and potentially damage your paint. Your thoughts? Get an email notification whenever someone contributes to the discussion. So it's just a matter of cleaning it off with the correct process and product. You will have to apply a new coat of wax after claying as it will strip the wax from your paint. I recently purchased a vw type 3 1973 model…with a good paint job,..but with rail dust covering the roof and bonnet ETC,….tried iron X based in recommendations above ….works great and removed all dust spots …AMAZING product ….!!!!! It depends on how long the rail dust has been on the paint and how much acid is in the rain in your area. accounts, the history behind an article. The 'yellowing' is paint oxidation caused by ultra violet (IR) infrared radiation radiation; it takes time and neglect of the paint for this to occur. Clay bars are easy to use and can be purchased just about anywhere. 34 Moisture blistering. The best way to remove rail dust is with a clay bar. A large number of new vehicles are transported by rail. creates an acid causing the iron to corrode and etch into the paint surface According to him, this could have happened when it was transported on the train. 12. that is degrading to another person. Rail dust is produced from the friction of the rail wheels against the railroad track. If you’ve ever tried spray painting around a lot of dust, you know how nearly impossible it is to prevent dust particles from getting in your paint finish. The product goes on clear but will turn to a dark purple color once it starts to interact with any contaminants in the clearcoat, including rail dust. 48 Poor adhesion. Hence, the term "rail rust". But this is very rare. Use the 'Report' link on Let us know what's going on! The clear coat would have to be very carefully sanded off using nothing coarser than 500- or 600-grit in order to not leave sand scratches that would show through new clear coat. Brake dust contains high levels of iron and can quickly pit clear coated wheels. It can also be deposited on vehicles if stored near any operation producing iron dust (i.e., steel ore yards). // -->